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Saturday, April 29, 2006

Do we still have a valid government?

We appear to have given our right to have our laws enforced over to illegals, corporations, labor unions, and inept politicians. "We The People" have surrendered to invaders, , panderers, lobbyists, and socialists.

We have done this by allowing our politicians selectively enforce laws, thereby shirking their sworn duties to fervently uphold our constitution and the laws of our country.

Immigration is in the lime-light right now, so we'll pursue it from that angle.......

"How can that be, Rabid?", you ask. Well, let me 'splain it from my point of view......

First off, by refusing to "call a spade a spade" they have attempted to degrade the issue from "Illegal Alien Invasion" to "Undocumented Worker Issues" and "Immigration Reform".
We do not have a immigration problem, we have an enforcement issue with illegal-aliens.

Personally, I have no objections to a controlled amount of immigrants coming to our country. However, they MUST have entered the U.S. legally, and abide by our laws. Immigrants should be screened and vetted in order to permanently attain the privilege of living in our country. Should they come across our borders any other way, they have broken the law and do not deserve to be here.

My primary objection revolves around the idea that certain laws are being completely ignored by our elected government officials. They, our supposed representatives, have deemed certain, select, laws inconvenient to their personal agenda(s) and their careers.

“Equal rights for all Americans” exists due to the founding concept that our laws are to be applied equally to all persons within our scope of authority. Because our government has chosen to ignore certain laws, it has in effect repealed every one of them without legal ground. By virtue of fiat, they have accomplished that which no one could have done within the designated bounds of authority granted our elected legislators, or within the constitutionally directed court system. The Constitution has been completely bypassed and in essence nullified!

Does this allow me to choose a law that I find a hindrance to my desires and break it without fear of prosecution? It may..... it appears that I may not be prosecutes if I have the right lobbyist, the right lawyer, pay the right amount to a politician, or feign public outrage.

Now that this corrupt idea has been accepted, in theory and practice by our politicians, our rights as Americans are now subject to the will and whim of those very elected government officials. This has set us on a path of constitutional corruption, based on the precedence that laws are no longer enforceable should one wish they not be.

Understand this well! Understand the impact to us as a nation!

By allowing selected criminal activities to go unpursued, and refusing to prosecute illegal activities, we have sent the clear message to everyone that our country finds it acceptable to ignore any law that may be of inconvenience to you. Additionally we have told them that we don't care!

Now that government officials have established the principle that they, themselves, decide which laws will, or won’t, be enforced, a sanctioned corruption of “The Constitution” has been established. It does not matter which political party happens to be in power from this moment on.

We The People” have allowed the creation of an environment where government officials are bought, or coerced, by means of some lobbyist’s money. We have given up the founding tradition of rule of law, this having been replaced by rule of the loud, the rich, and socialists. This new government paradigm allows the taking subsidized bribes, favors, and threats, to get anything accomplished. This is just like the government of our southern neighbor.

Our newly corrupted system, which chooses to panders to the wealthy and powerful, their lobbyists, and illegal aliens, will lead to economic failure. It already has been played out in Mexico, and will also play out in the good ol’ U.S.

Companies desire labor at a cost that no American can conceiveably work for. The illegal will work for those wages because they will live under deplorable conditions, work without benefits, and work beyond normally accepted hours. They will forsake safety, security, and socially accepted levels of comfort, for a pittance wage. The companies that hire them know this and exploit it at the cost to the citizens of the country the do business in.

By turning a blind-eye to these practices, the government allows these companies to break the law. This undermines everyone in this country. It undermines the normal citizens willingness to support our own government and the laws of the land.

This can be rectified by doing our civic duty and put our politicians on notice by reminding them that they have been elected and can be removed from office at the polls or by proving their dereliction of appointed duties.

"We The People" have to take action to contermand this by contacting and hounding our politicians, by going to the polls, by doing our duty as a true citizen of the United States of America.


Friday, April 28, 2006

May 01 2006: The Great Immigrant walkout....

The latest tantrum is about to begin.......

It's being called "The Day Without Immigrants".
In reality it's "
Illegal Alien Tantrum Day".

Let's start with clearing up "terms" and "issues" hijacked by the media, invaders, and lefties across this country. This issue is about "ILLEGAL ALIENS", intruders without identification who have chosen to bypass the normal immigration laws and processes to preclude uneducated, destitute, criminal, and undesireable persons from coming to our country.

These are not "Undocumented Workers", nor are they "Undocumented Immigrants". "Immigrants" to any country are those who wish to forsake their allegiances and conditions of their originating country for those that are the norm of the country to which they have been allowed to migrate to. An "immigrant" wishes to assimilate, not create a separate ethnic subculture. Employment in any particular country is of benefit to those persons who are a citizen, LEGAL IMMIGRANT, or invited "Guest-Worker", of that country.

Immigration is a necessary part of our culture. ILLEGAL IMMIGRATION IS NOT! Illegals snub our laws simply by virtue of the way they have come to be here and the tenacity they show through their planned tantrums. They openly oppose our laws, and the enforcement there of. They wish to change our system through public disruption of services and by having the support of pandering politicos. The American way is by proxy through our elected representatives.

On May 1st, to protest the current Immigration reform bill, they are calling for:
  • No Work
  • No School
  • No Sales, and No Buying
  • Have rallies around symbols of economic trade in your areas (stock exchanges, anti-immigrant corporations, etc.).
They wish to shut down major metropolitan areas by throwing an organized, public, tantrum. They will work for dirt wages, require no benefits, live under abhorant conditions to earn a buck. Well good for them. Americans do not wish to live that way and have developed our country into an environment which will not accept those conditions.

The country of Mexico presents no viable alternatives to their citizens. Their government is corrupt, their judiciary is corrupt, their police are corrupt. They continue to be one of the porrest countries in the world, while supporting an elite upper-class. To continue to support this elite class a philosophy of exportation of its own citizenry has been instated to support its economy. The Mexican government encourages illegal intrusion of the USA.

This invasion comes at the cost of our public health services, our public school system, public welfare system, public housing system, and all those at OUR cost. Our taxes are primarily paid to support these for the benefit of OUR citizens. Were we to immediately deny these services and support systems to illegal aliens, most would leave of their own volition.
We've become like a tick infested dog, weakening and becoming more sickly by the day.

Many say that it is impossible to identify and remove these people from our country. I say that is a pitiful copout! If you don't want to, yes it is seems impossible. It would take leadership and strength of citizens to reach that goal. We have to face this issue and buck-up to the challenges it provides us. Too expensive? How about $15 Billion per year transferred to Mexico in 2005? Why don't we slam a 60% tax on that? Wouldn't this pay for their deportation? Another option would be to use military transportation for those identified and apprehended.

The issue has become "Latino-Centric" because they make up the majority of the ILLEGALS swarming our country, because the southern border is the most vulnerable. We accept the next "Day of Action" in silence, as we did last time?

It has become a
"Latino-Centric" issue because they wish to reclaim "Aztlan" by displacing our own citizens within American communities throughout the south-west including Texas and Oklahoma. "La Raza" is but one vehicle for this effort.

Besides all that, does anyone realize that May 1st. is Communist Workers Day? Coincidence? Why are they using OUR resources in supporting the communist efforts in their country?

Aren't you tired of the insults? The desecration of our flag? The invasion of our country?

So what do we do, you ask?
  • First off, let them continue self-destruction. They will become even more emboldened and will cross the line of civility soon enough.
  • When the time is right I still think that there are enough hardcore Americans around to "take care of business".
  • Challenge any panderer you encounter. Challenge their supporters.
  • Grow some "cajones", Gringo!
Who is to blame? We all are, if we do not do OUR civic duty and ring the freakin' phone off the walls at the offices of our politicians!!

Controlled immigration "YES", Illegal immigration "NO"......

Just want you to think about it.....

Sunday, February 12, 2006

Cartoons for Islam....

Cartoons and Simps
Here we go again...
I think I've said it before, but will repeat it for all those who haven't had the privilege:

"The muslim world is not ready for western freedoms."

I understand it is a learning process but we as a free nation must demand bi-directional understanding of our new muslim "friends". I would say we need to give them an invitation to the 21st. century.

They do not understand absolutes regarding freedoms such as our 1st. amendment of the Bill-of-Rights. They have no grasp of the concept that they can choose to ignore something that may outrage them and let it slink away into the sunset.

Have said that, I must also state that I understand that they are offended, yet frankly I don't care. I do care that our western governments are once again sniveling and cowling at the faux-offense of a dutch cartoonist. Not having the spine to stand up for free speech, western government leaders demand that this individual apolgize for a non-offense.

The muslims act like a troop of apes. At the slightest, usually unintended, provocation the hotting and chest-pounding starts. Items are thrown, things destroyed, usually their own crap.

An impending disaster with Iran and we concentrate on cartoons?

Alas Babylon .....


Sunday, September 18, 2005

Where have all the Americans gone?

This question begs at my soul. This realization tears at my heart, yet helps me understand what is going on in this country today. The answer is a realization that has impacted my very existence, as one of the remaining Americans left in this country.

To come to the conclusion I have you must first ask the question: “What differentiates an American from a non-American?”

At this juncture I had to spend some time and dissect the very essence of my nationalism. No! It’s not a bad thing to be a nationalist.

The answer to these questions, I discovered, was actually simple yet deep.

America was founded and nurtured into existence by a group of individuals who had a strong belief in a common creed. They shared a strong system of personal beliefs that were under fire from the existing powers from Jolly Ol’ England.

Americans are defined by their belief in those values that founded this country. They adhere to this basic creed described in our founding documents; “The Declaration of Independence”, “The Bill Of Rights”, and “The Constitution”. They are described and discussed by the founders in “The Federalist”.

What makes you an American is what you believe in! Do you see? Those things you base your beliefs on guide you in the way you think and act. It drives what you will support and defend. The previously mentioned documents are the written testament of who we are supposed to be, and what we believe in.

What does an American believe in?

  • Inalienable Rights, common to all people, and founded in a belief in God as the guiding power
  • A free and self-determining people who select those who are obligated to uphold those beliefs and values enumerated in the founding documents
  • An allegiance to our country above all others
  • Being selfreliant and personally responsible
  • Protecting these premises and propagating them to our youth

Where have the Americans all gone? Well, simply put, we have neglected to create a generation of them. In addition, the current generation is being raised by the generation that was previously neglected. Get it yet?

Being an American is not determined by a mere official government document, nor a driver’s license, nor a social-security number, nor a credit card.

Extrapolating from this personal discovery lead me to the answers I sought regarding the multitude of issues facing our nation since the 70’s.

We are being governed by a majority of officials who are NOT Americans.

Why is their so many resources and rhetoric fed to us about the grandeur of inter-nationalism? Because so long as we have Americans in the United States there will be opposition to this supposition that we do not need borders.

I conclude the reasons the majority of politicians won’t act to protect our American borders and place in the world is that THEY ARE NOT AMERICANS!

Once you accept the obvious and open declarations by the political leaders that their allegiance is not to American beliefs, then you begin to understand that their allegiance is not to America herself.

During the last election, Bush and Kerry overtly reiterated that their allegiance lay with a “new world order”, the internationalist agenda intended to supersede and countermand their allegiance to our United States! This also negates their oath of office! The primary purpose of government is intended to be to protect, defend, and nurture our way of life guided by the founding documents.

Is it any wonder the wheels are falling off of the wagon? Is it too late to turn it around?

The answer to those questions are to be determined by the Americans left in this country……


Saturday, August 20, 2005

We have truely dropped into an alternate universe.....


Citizens Ranch confiscated and turned over to illegal ailens!

What the hell has happened to us as a country? First the Kelo case, and now a mere implication, BY AN ILLEGAL, can cause us to lose our properties, our homes, ALL THAT WE HAVE WORKED FOR??


Have we turned into such a bunch of hapless sheep that we can just shake our heads in disbelief and say "well... too bad.... it's not me so it's too bad...."

If ANY of US had ANY testicular fortitude at all we would, at a minimum, be burying our representatives offices with phone calls and e-mail. This is the least we could do to initiate an action to have this judgement overturned.
It truely is a sorry day in what is left of this country..... Somebody turn out the lights when we have all lost our proerty and have become refugees... maybe someone will take us in.....

Rabid American

Thursday, March 10, 2005

Dude! Where's my job gone???

Greetings folks!

Gotta ask... "Where's my job??"

A little background now....

On the day before my 45th. birthday, I was politely escorted by my manager to a nice little room in which a very nice HR person was fidgeting in a chair. I surmised that this was not gonna be the raise I was expecting for my many endevors in the previous year. This was definitely the case ....

I was asked to sit and could feel the tension rising between my now temporary "roomies" and my presence in the assigned meeeting room. The manager proceeded to explain to me that my position was no longer required for the new department he was heading.

It seems that my/our work was done so well, and was of such note, that it was a feather in his cap from upper-management. A promotion was due because they could only assume that his leadeship was the reason we "monkeys" got such a good job done in such short order.

Management saw fit to allow a new department to be created and he was promoted to V.P. of the department. His new budget would have to save some money so the high-man on the totem pole would have to go. It appears that he found the grounds that he had sought for the 2 years he has been in the company.

I guess I brought it on myself though... too busy looking for, and performing, RELEVANT work. I had become uncomfortable in my reminding the group and our customers of the things we NEED to get done before we could successfully impliment the bosses pet projects.

I was informed by "Boss-Guy" that I had a vary phoney air about myself, as no person could possibly be that knowledgeable and polite. He also informed me that my vocabulary was too broad for a person who had come from such a meager background (WTF???). He informed that "I was obviously putting up a front to insult him and his integrity."

It amazes me when hierarchy automatically insinuates competence. Isn't it wild how a person make assessments of things to which they have no clue? My core competency had come into question and he assumed that I was unneeded. According to him, anyone could do what I did and that it cost his new department too much to keep me anyway.

That was a month ago. I've been informed by insiders that a VERY EXPENSIVE consultant was hired to pickup where I left off and the consultant has confirmed all the propositions that I had put before the "Boss-Guy" to approve.

It is easy to say that this will cost them triple what my salary was, but I get 100 times the satisfaction from it.....


Saturday, February 12, 2005

Rabid Blogging

Hi Folks!!

Thought you might like something new so I set up a blog-spot......